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Have you previously earned a six-figure income?
Are you stuck trying to recover what you once had?
Did you experience a series of losses after the substantial decrease in your income?
Are you still trying to recover from what happened?
Did these changes leave you feeling vulnerable, like you just could not seem to get back up?

... get ready to go on a journey with Tanya to forgive the loss, and REBUILD.

If this is you,

Tanya was an Assistant Vice President in corporate America, when she found herself being handed a pink slip on January 15, 2004, after so many years of dedication. In addition, in December 2005, she experienced a distressing divorce that led to financial hardship resulting in hardship. For this reason, Tanya had to rebuild. In 2008, she was honored by the YWCA and several corporations statewide for her empowerment of courage and commitment to overcome homelessness. During this challenging period, Tanya paid off over $57,000 in debt within two years, regained self-sufficiency, and also returned to college to pursue her College Degree(s). While homeless, she automatically transferred her corporate skills and started her first business, a business consulting firm. 

Because of Tanya’s life experience, she is BIG in teaching entrepreneurs, corporations, government, and non-profit organizations the importance of eliminating silos. 

In November 2019, Tanya released her book titled, “The Setback Fueled My Faith”, two months before the national COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed in the United States of America. Little did she know that her experiences over the last several years, was preparing her to inspire other people across the globe, that despite an individual's life experience, the time is NOW to GET BACK UP!

Her Story. 

 She articulates a vision that can be shared. She stimulates others intellectually and has become charismatic in the eyes of her followers. She creates an atmosphere of openness in the organizations’ she leads, teaches others how to deal with difficult issues, listens well and encourages others to be transparent.

Tanya is a born transformational leader and highly sought-out speaker.

Women who once earned a six-figure income, discover that despite their loss, when you put God first, you can recover all and more. 

The setback fueled my faith is designed for...

I see you!

✓ To identify the root of your issue(s)
✓ How deception can create a ripple effect
✓ Tips for self-forgiveness
✓ Methods for embracing the process
✓ Ways to align your purpose to God’s strategy
✓ How to activate and elevate your faith, then walk it out with authority on earth

In the setback fueled my faith, you will learn:

Keynote Speaker Topics Include:

• How to regain consciousness after a financial loss. 
• How to develop meaningful diversity & inclusion metrics for your small business. 
• How to build a strong strategic alliance in your small business. 
• How to transition your skills from corporate to entrepreneurship. 

Although Tanya is a Christian, she speaks to entrepreneurial women across the Globe from various socio-economic backgrounds, and world religions. She believes wholeheartedly that the issues plaguing us today affects all individuals. 

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Awards & Features:

YWCA - Women of Resilience Award

Chapter Delaware

Michael V. Holloway Community Service Award

AIDS Delaware

Diversity Difference in Delaware

State of Delaware Office of Supplier & Diversity

Her Story 2020 Our History

Women Business Center at True Access Capital

Two-time Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace awards

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YWCA - Women of Resilience Award

YWCA - Women of Resilience Award

2023 Special black history edition: USA TODAY

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