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Let our team of experts handle the business planning, operations management, and construction project management planning.

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For New and Existing Entrepreneurs

Here's How It Works:

The team will guide you through the process of gaining knowledge about your business market’s needs and how it is currently serviced to provide you with key information that is essential in developing your services and a marketing plan. 


• Defining the problem or need you are looking to address
• Analysis of the situation
• Obtaining data that is specific to the problem
• Competitor Analysis
• Survey development

The team will work closely with you and the vision you have for the project to provide a plan that is compiled to show the project goals and objectives, its strategies, the market it is in, the clients it is targeting, a competitor analysis and also includes a financial forecast. In other words, we will guide you through the process of developing the project from the idea stage to a real up-and-running facility. This will enable you to also identify any pitfalls or potential problem areas so that you can avoid adverse outcomes along the way. 


• Executive summary
• Project services
• The market & competitors
• Marketing & sales
• Management & staffing
• Financial forecast

The team will assist you with making sure processes are in place to maximize human and financial resources. The team will provide assistance with overall office administration, controlling operational costs, and identifying staffing needs. 


• Capacity & compensation plans
• Cash flow management
• Maximizing social/human capital
• Talent & acquisition strategies
• Supply chain management process

From beginning to end, the qualified construction consultant team will provide guidance and advice for the overall scope of the project. 


• Project management planning
• Cost management
• Time management
• Quality management
• Contract administration
• Safety management 
• Design plans

The team will collaborate with you to design and implement a system that meets your needs, providing consulting services over the entire spectrum of the project. We will provide guidance on initiating a well-conceived plan that helps you ensure you are capitalizing on your technology investments and yielding business results. 


•Create paperless environment
•System software installations
• Electronic content migration
• Integrate online learning & engagement 
• Imaging system integration
• Expertise in electronic document control

Our team of licensed business credit professionals will help you get your business credit set up the right way to meet lender and credit issuer approval requirements and get approved for initial business credit that reports and builds your profile with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax commercial reports.  


• Access to 7-part business module for new and existing businesses. 

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Marketing Analysis

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Comprehensive Business Plan

step 03
Operations management plan 



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The advantage of bringing insight from a broad base of previous projects.


The collaboration of several consultants with proficiencies in a variety of areas. 


The ability to see the big picture environment with an emphasis on objectivity.


The ability to meet with clients at their convenience anywhere around the world. 


The process of converting knowledge and ideas into better ways of doing business. 


We create a learning environment for all our clients as we are fulfilling their project. 

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