from corporate to homeless,

From Homelessness  
to Success. 

I help individuals build sustainable businesses, strong families, and resilient communities.

Tanya was quickly climbing the corporate ladder in the financial services industry. She had countless promotions and earned a six-figure salary by the age of 30, which was a major milestone. Having a position in corporate America as an African American woman earning a six-figure salary was rare in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Not to mention, being an African American woman labeled as a college dropout, having a child outside of wedlock, and being a byproduct of divorced parents - this was a huge accomplishment for Tanya. There was absolutely nothing traditional about Tanya’s entry into this market. But, by the age of 31, Tanya found herself being handed a pink slip after so many years of dedication - It was at that moment she discovered that she had to rebuild. 

In 2007, while Tanya was living in a homeless shelter, she founded and became the Managing Director of Tanya Associated Business Services (TABS), a business consultancy firm that focuses on helping Minority-Owned businesses get past the learning curve of growing and building a sustainable business framework. She took her corporate experience and transferred her knowledge into small business management. 

In 2017

Tanya founded and became the Chief Visionary Officer of Married to the Ring® LLC (MTR), an empowerment organization that empowers couples, individuals, faith-based organizations, government and corporations to have productive, healthy relationships in life and the workplace. Unlike traditional relationship coaching organizations, MTR provides a comprehensive relationship intelligence framework and interactive boxing ring experience. 

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In 2020

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Tanya founded and became the Board Chair of Married to the Ring® for Families Incorporated (MTRFF), a non profit entity that provides a network of peer support, relationship education and small business training for Justice-Involved who are single fathers and mothers, co-parenting to preserve families, foster healthy relationships, and create access to wealth.

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People trust Tanya. 

As a transformational leader, and an entrepreneur, she articulates a vision of the future that can be shared. She stimulates others intellectually and has become charismatic in the eyes of her followers. She creates an atmosphere of openness in the organizations she leads, deals with difficult issues in a straightforward manner, and listens well and shares information fully. As an interactive leader, Tanya is deeply aware of the feelings and emotions of those around her. 

Tanya is a highly accomplished visionary with experience in strategic planning with both start-up and growth in organizations, supply chain management, change management, inventory management and technology development. She is an exceptionally motivated, results-driven operations management professional with extensive process and project management experience. She exemplifies the optimistic spirit; roots in a programmatic vision to address the ever-growing challenge that new or existing entrepreneurs face because of not having or knowing how to acquire the tools needed in order to sustain or grow a successful business. She recognizes the importance of small businesses, however, through research it has been proven that owners are faced with many obstacles that limit long-term survival. 

In 2010, she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management with a minor in Human Resource Management; in 2013, she earned her Master of Business Administration Degree with a concentration in Homeland Security from Wilmington University. In 2017, she earned her nonprofit management certification from Joseph R. Biden School of Public Policy & Administration. In 2018, she became PREP® (Prevention and Relationship Education Program) certified as an Instructor. In 2019 Tanya graduated from the Small Business Export Delaware Program, a program that helps small businesses grow their businesses around the world. In February 2022, Tanya earned her real estate developer certificate from Cinnaire's Jumpstart Wilmington Program. 

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Tanya’s diverse portfolio includes over 20 years in corporate America,
17 years of Faith-Based administration and leadership, over 16 years as an entrepreneur, 12 years of nonprofit engagement, 4 years in retail, and 3 years in family law.

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