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This course is designed to guide you through the process of gaining knowledge about how to gather and complete your business market’s needs specific to your industry.

Build Your Marketable- Marketing Plan

This course guides you through the functions needed to build a solid sales framework so that your business can function efficiently. Includes: Fiscal Year Planning, Systems and Infrastructure, sales process and execution, and performance management. 

Build Your Operations Framework

This course is designed to make sure processes are in place to maximize human and financial resources. The workshop provides tools on how to build office administration, how to control operational costs, and identify and build your business staffing plan.  

Build Your Management & Staffing Plan

This course is designed to provide high-level guidance, advice, and benefits of how to build a strong interior and exterior construction project management plan; that captures project costs to embed into your business plan upfront. (e.g. schematic designs, etc.)

Build Your Construction Management Plan

Supply chain management is now a must have for any size business. This course is designed to teach entrepreneurs how to build a strategic, strong , diversified and qualified supply chain process. 

Build Your Diverse Team & Suppliers

Join live streamed workshops with Industry experts to take your business to the next level. In addition, stay abreast of our Masterclasses on how to create a lean and paperless environment. Automation is key! 

Monthly live workshops & 

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