Marketing Plan Vs. Marketing Launch


There is a vast difference between a marketing plan and a marketing launch.

A marketing plan is a roadmap for your marketing efforts. It outlines your goals, strategies, and tactics. A marketing launch is the execution of your marketing plan. It’s when you put your strategies and tactics into action and start promoting your products or services.

A marketing plan is important because it helps you:

❗️Set clear goals for your marketing efforts.

❗️Develop a strategy for achieving those goals.

❗️Track your progress and measure your results!

A marketing launch is important because it helps you:

❗️Generate awareness for your products or services.

❗️Drive traffic to your website or store!

❗️Convert leads into customers.

If you’re looking to improve your marketing results, it’s important to have both a marketing plan and a marketing launch. Your marketing plan will give you the direction you need, and your marketing launch will help you execute your plan and achieve your goals.

Although Tanya Associated Business Services provides services to create and develop marketing plans for all industries, we have relied on UnCloned Media, LLC to teach us the science behind the various types of marketing launches, how to develop #Unclone Launches, and how to become to the obvious choice and knock them out the park!

Here is a picture of Gerald and me attending #UNCLONEDLAUNCHLIVE2023 in Atlanta, Georgia with Audria Richmond.

We sat together in an intensive together refining our offers after sitting under her tutelage for 12 months.

We highly recommend that you check out Audria services, if you want to strengthen your marketing launches. #unclonedlive2023#tanyaassociatedbusinesservices#marriedtothering#visionbuildersandasso

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