Reasons why Construction Trades Should Automate.


Gerald. D. Williamson, CEO of Vision Builders & Associates, LLC

The Impact of Automation in Construction & the future workforce. 

23 years of Microsoft excel, all gone. 

No More. Just like that.

Compiling decades of experience into written specifications to build a customized CRM to automate complex workflows at Vision Builders & Associates, was tedious. But well worth it!

Although we were grateful to have Microsoft Excel for years, fortunately, we are excited to announce we have evolved.

We have made great strides, in a phased approach, as we considered various factors upfront.  

Did you know?

The construction industry across the globe is behind in implementing digital technology. 

So, when Gerald, my husband, the CEO of Vision Builders & Associates asked me to co-lead this technology project – I did not hesitate.  

Technology has definitely changed the way we communicate with our prospects, clients, companies, suppliers, and in attracting and discovering new talent.  

Technology saves money, improves overall operational efficiency, construction and outsourcing management, and most importantly client engagement. 

We must prepare ourselves for the changing workforce.

The emerging workforce represents a good portion of Generation Zers, suffice to say; their lifestyles will change how we do business in construction in the near future. We are already starting to see it now. According to the US Department of Labor, by 2023, 30% of the US workforce will be Generation Z. It would be nice to see out of that number, what percent are considering a construction trade. 

When undertaking this project, we took into consideration the various ways we had to position Vision Builders & Associates to engage in building a learning organization that is solely focused on innovation that will attract Gen Z to our industry. 

Gen Zers are technologically savvy, and this determines how they choose to either become employed with your business, as well as purchase from you. 

This is why, I believe every construction trade should have a TECH. Technology allows you to build a sustainable business, easily scale, create diversified spend, and communicate intelligently throughout your organizational processes

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