Your Money Matters w/ Guest Financial Coach Starlett Moore


CEO and Founder of J. Christian International, LLC

Join Tanya and special guest, Financial Coach Starlett Moore, the founder, and CEO of J. Christian International, LLC, a professional financial literacy firm located in Georgia. 

 Tanya shares how she lacked a very important component around financial literacy and how she lost control of the surplus when she was in corporate America. She recognized that during this chapter of her life, there was not a lot of wiggle room to seek out assistance from anyone who would be able to assist her in her transition.  For this reason, Tanya brings Starlett to touch on this discussion with her listeners. 

Starlett’s sole mission is to teach individuals how to create generational wealth. Growing rather quickly in Corporate America, and not familiar with investments at the time – Tanya talks about why having someone like Starlett on your journey is important. 

Starlett shares how God restores, and God reveals the tools you need in order to succeed. She also encourages the listeners by saying, “It doesn’t matter whatever you are going through, God has a plan for restoration.” 

Here is a list of takeaways from this podcast. But the biggest and first take-away she redirects the listeners back to is the WORD of GOD (Deuteronomy 8:18). The NLT version says, Remember the Lord your God. He is the one who gives you the power to be successful, in order to fulfill the covenant he confirmed to your ancestors with an oath.”

  • Starlett reminds us that there are over 2,350 scriptures that deal with how to manage money and connections. 
  • The importance of managing the 90% that God gives us. 
  • How to put the work into action. 
  • How you must make a decision to manage the resources better that God has entrusted to you. 
  • How to make a decision to study what personal finances mean from the biblical passages. 
  • Make a decision to set-aside money for your future.
  • Make a decision to become financially secure.
  • Create a long-term sustainability plan for your family. 
  • How to store up prior to the famine coming. 
  • If you are a Believer, what are we projecting to Non-Believers? 
  • How never to become too ashamed to ask for help? 
  • Learn how to manage your emotional wellness. 
  • And so much more… 

Starlett shares how the Word of God tells us to seek help, to seek counsel. Despite the loss, or how low the blow is – God has already set people up to help you. If God tells you to go someplace, obey and GO – because He has already positioned the people for you. 

Tanya shares how after experiencing this fall, she went out on a path to own everything she touched. Ownership of everything that God has given her, according to the dominion established in God’s word. She shares how God revealed to her through the Word of God how to operate from cradle to grave. And the importance of operating with integrity. Tanya believes that she might not have received the level of favor when she lost everything if she had not been honest when she had everything. 

She also discussed how she immediately learned that favor proceeds profit. God could open doors with or without a dollar. 

Starlett says promotion from God builds character.

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